Door Hangers


Door Hangers are a tried and true way to reach customers the old fashioned way. Hanging company info where it can’t be missed (on the customer’s door).

  • Printed on Premium paper
  • Variety of coating
  • Single or Double-sided Printing
  • Super-Fast Turnaround
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Effective Reach through Traditional Means

Door Hangers are A Proven Direct Marketing Strategy

In this rapidly evolving world of direct marketing strategies, the time-tested method of Door Hangers continues to be a reliable way to reach customers. By strategically placing company information on the customer’s door, local businesses can effectively build brand awareness. This traditional approach proves its worth even in an era dominated by digital advertisements and online campaigns.

Customization and Durability for Maximum Impact

Custom Printed Door Hangers: Double-sided and Durable

We offer a range of benefits, ensuring maximum marketing impact. They are meticulously crafted on various durable paper stocks, guaranteeing longevity and resilience. The option to print on both sides provides ample space for text and visuals, allowing businesses to effectively convey their message. This feature enables the inclusion of comprehensive information, captivating graphics, and compelling calls to action. The result is an efficient marketing tool that makes a lasting impression.

Versatility Beyond Promotion

They serve a multitude of purposes beyond promotional use. They can serve as informative resources, effectively communicating important details about products, services, or upcoming events. Additionally, Door Hangers can serve as Do Not Disturb signs, providing a practical solution for maintaining privacy in hotels, offices, or residential spaces. Their adaptability makes them a versatile tool for businesses to engage their audience and fulfill various needs.

Making a Grand Entrance With Door Hangers

For businesses aiming to make a grand entrance, they are an excellent choice for promoting grand openings. These hangers can be customized with vibrant colors, captivating designs, and enticing offers, generating excitement and attracting potential customers. Your businesses can create a sense of anticipation and make a memorable impact during their opening events.

In summary, Door Hangers retain their effectiveness as a tried and true method for local businesses to establish and strengthen their brand presence. With their ability to effectively convey messages, withstand wear and tear, and cater to various marketing needs, We offer an efficient and impactful solution for businesses seeking to engage their target audience. Whether used for promotions, information dissemination, or grand openings, Door Hangers prove their worth in the realm of direct marketing.


4.25" x 11", 3.5" x 8.5", 4.25" x 14", 4" x 7"


250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000


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